JEANNA is a singer who writes music that she likes to sing and her music is as personal as her journey. It began when she was sixteen and signed with the major MCA Records, guest appearances on Malcolm McLaren’s Waltz Darling album featuring Jeff Beck and tour with the likes of Nina Hagen.

Forever searching and curious to define her own sound, her restlessness landed her in Europe and finally in Brussels, Belgium where she was immersed in a thriving jazz scene and met Belgium’s most beloved VIP, jazz guru Marc Moulin. In 1998 their collaboration resulted in the album East and received enthusiastic reviews.

In 2000 JEANNA met Piet Goddaer of Ozark Henry and featured on the track Radio from the album This Last Warm Solitude. A variety of other musical collaborations ranging from songwriting, performing and featuring in different artists projects followed and added to Jeanna’s love-affair with Belgium where she now calls home. In 2013 Jeanna released her first solo EP Wounded which marked an important turning point in her pursuit to define her own sound.

Referencing the key ingredients that inspire her, Wounded laid the groundwork for JEANNA’s encounter with drummer(DEUS)/producer Stephane Misseghers. Their collaboration on Jeanna’s 2nd EP All the Glory led to meeting Guy Van Nueten(The Sands, ZonandZero, Mitsoobishy Jacson’, dEUS, Daan, Admiril Freebie) and their continued collaboration on a new body of songs.

JEANNA has taken the time to question and experiment. She constantly seeks to voice her musical perspective and at the very least will leave you wanting more…..